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Things I wish I knew so I could have had more sleep and rest while taking care of my newborn

The first 6 weeks are the toughest when taking care of a newborn. Babies fuss an average of 1.5 hrs/day. A colic baby cries more than 3 hrs/day. For the mom taking care of the baby, one of your many challenges is shushing your baby to at least get some sleep and rest. Here are some tips to get you through.

I. To calm fussy babies, pediatricians swear by the 5S – Swaddle, Side-Stomach position, Shush, Swing and Suck. This is to give your babies a break as they transition from womb to world. (a break you ask? yes and I know I know you need a break too, so just read on)
  1. Swaddling imitates that snug feeling when they were inside your womb. Swaddled babies do not get startled easily and their arms don’t flail wildly allowing them to go back to sleep easily. At 4 weeks old, or when your babies start kicking the swaddle, it means you can now stop swaddling.
  2. Calming your baby by putting her on her side-stomach position imitates her position when she was in your uterus. That’s why this works. But please take note that babies should only sleep on their backs. Do not put them in the crib on their sides.
  3. Shushing imitates the sound inside your womb – the gushing of blood and other movements inside your stomach. When your baby fusses, shush at least 2 inches from her ears, so she can hear you over her crying. Too tired? Download a white noise app.
  4. Swinging recreates your baby’s movements inside the womb while you walk around, climb the stairs or go for a swim. Swinging has to be jiggly like jello, no more than 1 inch back and forth and never shake them in frustration. Always support the neck. You can also use baby carriers, slings or swings.
  5. Sucking calms hunger and tantrums, offering your breast, giving a pacifier or letting your baby suck her thumb turns on calming reflexes.


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